The Launch

Posted on May 15, 2010


I started this website because every time I did what somebody else wanted everything went so wrong.  Things went wrong that are just not supposed to go wrong.  Like, I’d do a good job and people would be mad at me.  I’d get up in the morning and my hair would look so ugly my boss would notice.  It was bad.  This made me realize that it was integral to my survival that I do what I want.

And then I started thinking to myself, who else does what they want?  How did they figure out what it was that they wanted.  And how did they manage to do what they want, especially if they do what they want for a living.  There’s also the question of how do I do what I want in a way that makes me feel good and be happy rather than wind up cracked out and have all my friends mad at me.  No one wants that, right?  (I know I don’t…..but maybe that’s because i’m 40!!)

Besides finding out all about people who do what they want, on this website you will also find links to the book I wrote called “Charm School For Men”, a guide to help men not scare away women.  You will also find links to my ETSY account where I sell recycled fashion, reviews of good stuff on and dating advice.  If you’re really nice I’ll start posting pictures of my adventures.  (Like the interview about my book that I’m doing a week from today at bondage night at the SF supper club.)

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