The Reset Button

Posted on July 29, 2011


Continuing with my off topic series, here are some of my thoughts on dealing with stress:


It has recently come to my attention that some of my friends are unfamiliar with the reset button.  So, in their honor, I’m going to re-write my note on how to hit the reset button.

  • Take a nap: This is the best way to hit the reset button.  If you’re feeling just not right you should have a do over.  Go back to bed so that you can wake up again because you’re probably exhausted and over stimulated anyway.
  • Take a shower:  This is a great way to get rid of psychic debris.  If you really need to get the bad vibes off you wash with salt.  Sea salt is good, table salt also works just fine.  And it’ll make your skin bright and lovely.  Lavender soap works wonders for the attitude adjustment also.
  • Wash your face:  If you can’t take a shower, wash your face.  I use this one at work some times.
  • Take a walk:  I’m not talking about taking a walk around the block, I’m talking about taking a half hour walk.  It’ll take you out of your head.
  • Invert yourself:  When you stand yourself upside down you let all the pieces fall up in the air and come back down in a different place.  If you can’t do a hand stand or a head stand then touch your toes.  I’ve used this one at work too and believe me, it really helps.  It’s also really helpful with creative blocks.
  •  Prosac:  I call lavender oil Prosac because it is such a great mood enhancer.  There are 2 kinds of lavender oil.  The kind that works the best is SPIKE lavender oil.  Not only is it good for getting you out of a funk, it’s a natural antiseptic and is good for you boo boos.  I put the lavender oil under my nose or sometimes I just break out the bottle and smell it.
  •  Holy Basil:  This stuff is AMAZING.  It’s good for stress, allergies, digestion and a bunch of other healthy stuff I’m not that concerned with.  Holy Basil has stopped me from grinding my teeth with I’m overwrought about big deal life changes and has headed off many embarrassing melt downs.  You can get it at any health food store.  I use a tincture and it can be made with or with out alcohol.
  •  Playing with an animal:  Spending time with a cute pet always helps me.  I don’t have a pet of my own so I’m always glomming on my neighbor’s pet.  Don’t feel bad about burdening the animal.  It’s their job to cheer us up.

Do not try to hit the reset button with cupcakes, caffeine or alcohol.  These things will only make you more crazy when you’re off your axis.  I know you know this already but these are the things we tend to reach for the most when we’re askew.

If you’ve tried these things and still can’t shake the funk do something nice for somebody else.  My favorite good deed is cooking a friend dinner.  There’s one rule about the “good dead” reset; you CAN NOT talk about what’s bothering you while you do the good deed.  That would be a manipulative way of sneak attacking someone with your problems.  I find when things are just wrong and nothing seems to work, doing something nice for someone else really takes my mind off of me.

And if all that doesn’t work, act it out with sock puppets.  Whether it’s a problem or just a mood, if it won’t budge get some sock puppets and play out the whole drama.  The only rule with this one is you have to do it for at least one other person.  Doing it all by yourself doesn’t count…..unless you video tape it and then show it to someone.  I guarantee you that acting out the thorn in your side with the sock puppets will solidly change your perspective in ways you can not imagine.

And remember, when you’re in a funk, it won’t last.  Hit the reset button and pack your bags for Funky Town.  All your friends are already there waiting for you.

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