The Stay Calm Campaign

Posted on March 14, 2012


This year I’m launching the Stay Calm Campaign.  The motto of this campaign is “no freakin out till it’s freak out time.”  This means the only time you can freak out is when you’ve tried everything else and there is not a single other thing you can do.  For instance, if you were in the water , a shark was swimming up to eat you and there was absolutely no one around to help.  In this case freaking out might benefit you.  Your best case scenario would be scaring the shark away but if that didn’t work,  freaking out certainly wouldn’t hurt.

But back to staying calm; there are a lot of changes happening right now and some of them can be horribly disturbing.  And I guarantee you’re going to start noticing a lot of people around you freaking out.  By staying calm, we have a better chance of seeing options that may be hidden behind something else.  Staying calm helps us sort out a situation as well as use the options we do see, to their fullest capacity.  Staying calm also helps create synchronicities.  Further more I can tell you that freaking out pushes friends away who would really like to help you.

Another thing about staying calm, it inspires others to do the same.  When people see you handling a difficult situation like a champ it inspires them.  No one has any idea that you might be scared, angry, or not too happy even though you look calm on the outside.  In this respect it’s perfectly ok to fake it till you make it because the more you practice this the more things will fall into place and the more you’ll get to enjoy truly being calm.  I promise, if you participate in the Stay Calm Campaign your life will completely change.  One thing I have to mention as an aside, is that humor is a definite enhancement to this campaign.  If you use calm and humor together they will alchemize your troubles into wisdom.

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