Excerpt from Charm School for Men, The Importance of Girls Who Are Just Friends

Posted on April 21, 2012


I’ve been thinking about what to post as an excerpt for a few days now and surprisingly I haven’t been able to decide.  The reason this is surprising to me is because I’m not one who usually has trouble making up her mind.

Today I went to an event and there was a man sitting next to me.  He was scaring away women left and right.  This guy just did not have a clue.  He was a man, who appeared to be somewhere in his early to mid 60’s.  I mention this because some may think a man at this stage in his life would be more conscious of how he’s coming off to others.  On the other hand, perhaps his age is of no importance.  He just never got it.  I just happened to have a copy of my book with me.  At first he seemed uninterested.  When I told him I was the author  he seemed a bit (just a tiny bit) intrigued.  I thought to myself, please read this book, you need it.  Apparently he received my telepathic message.  Well, actually, it was that and I told him I was going to post an excerpt and I invited him to choose what part of the book.

He chose “The Importance of Girls Who are Just Friends.”  He mentioned that he wholeheartedly agreed that your girl friends will pimp you out.  He said a couple other things too but I don’t remember.  So, crazy guy, this is for you.  I’m glad you got a kick out of this book and thank you for your choice.

Here is a selection from this chapter:

Your girl friends will pimp you out

Most women hate to see a perfectly good man go to waste. If they like you, they will be your advocate and try to set you up with their girlfriends. That’s why the “just friends” status is a blessing in disguise. The other benefit of “just friends” is that when you’re out with your female friends, other women will see you as having the “seal of approval,” and your market worth will increase exponentially. Some women might even try to “steal you away” from your perceived date. You would have to ask yourself whether you want someone who thinks like that. That might, I mean that WILL open the door to some drama and aggravation down the road. But hey, like I always say, it’s nice to be wanted.

One more word about the Friend Zone; if it’s meant to be, if the woman does like you and you don’t hook up right away, it’s alright. Have you ever been friends with someone who’s in a relationship, and then when they break up with their significant other, they go out with you? If it hasn’t happened to you, I’m sure you’ve seen it happen. If someone likes you, chances are it’s not going to go away. I remember there was this guy I liked when I was 15. We were both kind of shy and never hooked up. The years went on, we had different relationships and were just friends. When my 21st birthday came neither one of us was in a relationship, and we hooked up. Six years of being just friends literally changed overnight. We only went out for 3 months, so maybe we should have stayed just friends. And after that relationship, we weren’t friends at all. But hey, live and learn.




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