When Momma’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy

Posted on June 21, 2012


This blog post is inspired by another co-worker of mine.  As you know, I write to help men not scare women away.  But as part of that I also write about what women like.  This blog is a screaming example of what women like.

My coworker was out of the country on a long trip.  When she came home, her gentleman friend picked her up from the airport.  As a surprise, to celebrate her return, he prepared a lovely meal and bought some groceries for her.  Not only did he cook a lovely meal but because she’s Armenian, he researched Armenian recipes and made something he thought she would like.  And boy did she ever like it.

She came into work and told us all about it.  We were quite impressed by what a charming, thoughtful guy he was.  (Now we all like him too.)  And though this guy already had my coworker’s attention, this kind gesture brought her appreciation of him to a whole new level.

I have to tell you, when it comes to doing something nice for someone who cares about you, the deed is its own reward.  It’s a gift that pays for itself again and again.  As I’ve said before, women just love when our love interest makes an effort on our behalf.  A thoughtful gesture really goes a long way and will inspire great appreciation in return.

Sometimes I suspect that men feel that if they go the extra mile women will come to expect such effort all the time.  Perhaps they fear the woman might become demanding and unappreciative.  I’m here to tell you that the opposite is true.  Out side of an unhealthy, mismatched relationship (which is outside of the parameters I’m referring to) gallant acts pave the way for domestic bliss.

Because like I always say “when momma’s happy, everybody’s happy.”

Remember, when doing something nice, a little goes a long way.  Something as simple as picking a flower, sending a nice text, buying a little candy bar or treat, making coffee in the morning or a well paid complement will work wonders.

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