What She Really Meant Was: What Should I Wear

Posted on June 20, 2020


There is so much miscommunication between men and women. If you take out all the awkwardness, hurt feelings and utter confusion, it’s absolutely hilarious. In other words it’s funny when the situation is somebody else’s problem. Though I can’t speak for the male point of view, I can help explain what many women are trying to say and hopefully give everyone a chance to laugh out how ridiculous it is trying to be a human.

Today’s post is dedicated to a guy who has a YouTube channel where he tries to explain women to other men. “What could go wrong”, right? In one of the posts that I saw, this guy is trying to explain why a woman will ask her partner “what should I wear.” His answer was that women have a very hard time making decisions and need to be told what to do. This could not be further from the truth

When a woman asks you “what should I wear” it means she’s trying to please you. She wants to look attractive to you. She wants you to know that she’s excited about you and is making an effort on your behalf regarding her appearance. In other words, she’s dressing up for you.

She already knows how to dress herself and if she didn’t she has a million girl friends she can call. Her question to you has nothing to do with her inability to make a decision. When she asks this question she’s trying to engage you, trying to make you feel special, she wants you to look at her and say “she’s wearing that for me.” She wants you to know she’s making an effort to make herself more attractive JUST FOR YOU!!!