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My Friend the Lecturer

July 26, 2021


I’ve been thinking about The Lecturer lately.  The name pretty much bears the description.  The Lecturer doesn’t listen, he lectures, quite often at length.  It can be frustrating, but the way I see it, The Lecturer really wants to help you.  The Lecturer wants you to feel safe and supported because your knowledgeable, proactive friend […]

No Freaking Out Till Its Freak Out Time

November 14, 2016


“No Freaking Out Till It’s Freak Out Time.” This is the slogan for my Stay Calm Campaign. I’m sure I don’t have to explain that staying calm does not equate with being apathetic. Staying calm means being present, fully aware and in control. When we stay calm we remain open to possibilities, to seeing things […]

Do You Wanna Be Right Or Do You Wanna Be Happy?

August 11, 2016


This question rings in my head over and over as I look at my Facebook feed and the comment sections of many articles. There’s so much injustice going on in the world right now. People are shocked and outraged, feeling helpless, disillusioned and confused about what they could possibly do to make it better. In […]

The Gremlin

February 16, 2015


Today I’m here to talk about the part of your brain that’s an asshole. It’s the part no one likes to talk about. It’s not positive and it sure aint pretty. It always says stupid things such as: You can’t do that You suck No body likes you I have nothing to wear You have […]

Just Say No To Sexism

October 22, 2012


I really appreciate my guy friends because they don’t like sexism.  When they see a guy being disrespectful to a woman they’ll actually say something to the guy.  The most recent example I can think of happened just this year at BurningMan.  This creepy dude took my picture with out my permission.  I said something […]

When Momma’s Happy, Everybody’s Happy

June 21, 2012


This blog post is inspired by another co-worker of mine.  As you know, I write to help men not scare women away.  But as part of that I also write about what women like.  This blog is a screaming example of what women like. My coworker was out of the country on a long trip.  […]

taking responsibility for your behavior

June 13, 2012


As I ask myself how to begin, 2 stories come to mind.  The first is a story my co-worker just recently shared with me.  She told me that when her boyfriend does something “you wouldn’t want your boyfriend to do” she brings it up to him and he just doesn’t do it any more.  She […]

Excerpt from Charm School for Men, The Importance of Girls Who Are Just Friends

April 21, 2012


I’ve been thinking about what to post as an excerpt for a few days now and surprisingly I haven’t been able to decide.  The reason this is surprising to me is because I’m not one who usually has trouble making up her mind. Today I went to an event and there was a man sitting […]

Out of My Comfort Zone

March 14, 2012


I get these themes in my life from time to time.  They’re opportunities for growth that I notice presenting themselves again and again.  The more I ignore them the worse things go for me so at this point I’ve learned to have some humility and see what I can learn. My current theme is leaving […]

The Stay Calm Campaign

March 14, 2012


This year I’m launching the Stay Calm Campaign.  The motto of this campaign is “no freakin out till it’s freak out time.”  This means the only time you can freak out is when you’ve tried everything else and there is not a single other thing you can do.  For instance, if you were in the […]