Love Doctor

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  1. I highly enjoyed your book. I must read it twice more.

    Though… I have noticed also that I sometimes also get the reverse… inappropriate female attention. I will be honest that I have not thought about it clearly enough to write a book on the matter, but in many ways problems I have had are shared by other males.

    For instance, I have a neighbor who I had invited over for movie dinner night in a very friendly, social way. By the end, she was cornering one of my roommates in his room in effect mentally dominated. When I found out later and confronted her about it later, she apologized profusely and gave a very different story. I decided to let it go enough to keep the neighborhood friendship alive. However, months later, she started txting and calling me with sexually ridiculous behavior.

    I reached a point that I said to her this was harassment, and that she was a sexual predator and I would ‘gossip’ her out to the neighborhood. That… is where she stopped. However… I wonder if that last part didn’t generate some cosmic smack to me somehow.
    In all seriousness… I think we all will have to stand our own ground at times.

    In your view, did I handle that like crap, or well, or … well…. ?

    • A sexual predator is someone who you can’t have a conversation with. I would recommend not spending your energy trying to reason with someone like this.

      My book is about people who mean well and despite their intentions, commit socail faux pas. When you are on the receiving end of such encroachments, you might try to draw your boundaries using some of the communicational ideas that I’ve tried.

  2. where can one buy your book?


    • lori stein

      February 19, 2011

      On the left hand site of this website there you will see “BUY Charm School For Men”, beneath that is a link that says “Charm School For Men on” If you click the link it will take you to where you can buy a print copy or an e-copy.


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