The Gremlin

Posted on February 16, 2015


Today I’m here to talk about the part of your brain that’s an asshole. It’s the part no one likes to talk about. It’s not positive and it sure aint pretty. It always says stupid things such as:

You can’t do that

You suck

No body likes you

I have nothing to wear

You have a fat ass

That’s stupid

You have no other choice than to do something that’s completely counteractive to your goal

And stuff.

I call this part of the brain “The Gremlin.” Now, we know the brain is made of many voices. Some call this “The Committee.” The Gremlin will always try to mutiny and take over. For some people, the Gremlin is already driving the party train and we all know that’s bad news. For others the Gremlin will try to take over when you, the rightful driver of the party train, are in some way weak or compromised.

I’m here to tell you to pay attention to when The Gremlin starts acting up. When you start feeling sad, unattractive, unloved, not so funny with a closet full of nothing to wear, ask yourself the following:

What do I need?

What do I have to give myself to feel better?

Am I too busy?

Is something bothering me?

Do I need to do something important I’m not doing?

Do I need a nap?

Some food?

You need something. The Gremlin’s here because the balance tilted and he’s trying to fool you into thinking something’s going on that has no basis in reality. (Refer to list 1.)

Please! Do not be fooled by The Gremlin. Once you get the thing you need to restore the balance, you’re gonna stop thinking crazy. Do not spin out and get depressed, miss a meal, isolate, beat yourself up or any of that other stuff the Gremlin tries to trick you into doing. I guarantee, once you start being nice to yourself, The Gremlin will disappear. The more you get The Gremlin to disappear the less it will come around. And don’t forget, everybody’s got one. EVERYBODY, even the Dalai Llama. So, don’t feel embarrassed or bad in anyway when you have a Gremlin attack. Just do the right thing. You know what that is.

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